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Here at Solon, every student is “Born to Shine”. In order for our students to shine as bright as they possibly can, we challenge them each and every day with a rigorous and relevant curriculum. Our Music, P.E., Media, and Art programs are considered to be part of the essential core curriculum.  We believe we must work in partnership with you to support your children as they work to radiate ever brighter academically, socially, and emotionally. We believe providing a nurturing and compassionate environment that honors differences and diversity is essential to helping this success take root. The sun is known for being an exceptional source of energy and life. Our Solon faculty has a focused collective energy towards providing a strong relevant education that will prepare our students to be responsible and productive individuals throughout their lives. We want each of our Stingers to leave us with the tools they need to shine their absolute brightest and beyond.


-Barbara Merrill, Principal



Photo of Mrs. Merrill, Principal